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I begin by being part of my creation, or remnants of my being within the image. My photographic images have the indexicality of a moment, a place, a memory.

I reconsider my surroundings within the framework of what they’ve become to me. I would like the viewer to approach my work by reliving it with me, or experiencing the world I’ve created, to experience a feeling that doesn’t have to be the same as mine, and not necessarily the one that I intended. I create these worlds through an uncanny form of magic realism.

I practice self exploration, and I explore different worlds as I build them. I am particularly inspired by David Lynch and his magical realism. Theatricality has become a key component to my work because of the process. Through acting, reacting, recreating, the work takes on a dramatic or theatrical quality. This theatricality comes from exaggerating the emotions of the subjects as if they are performing. 

I began by investigating my surroundings in early childhood. As a child I was always so enamored with the tiny little bugs and the color of the sky and the sound of passing cars. In other words, I lived while seeing magic in everyday phenomena. This feeling normally fades as we get older, and I yearn to bring it forth. Both through art, and through life. I have since become invested in the human condition. Our suffering, joy, and nostalgia. How I see myself and my experiences, how I build different worlds as a form of escapism. I believe we all have our forms of escapism to leave the mundane, the reminder or mortality, or suffering of the real world behind, but in the genre of surrealism, there is a strong push for the narrative that the magic, the other worldly, is within reality. Not implying something fantastical, but merely finding magic in the mundane, finding beauty between forced routine.

I am urging people to feel, to explore, to dive into my world, or to create  their own.

My constant and ever changing self, shifting mediums and artistic ideologies, my constant and ever changing motivations for working, my constant and ever changing desires for what I  want my work to be. From existentialism driving my work, to surrealism, to theatricality, I believe they all flow into one another, and I never lose a previous way of viewing the world as I develop my new personal philosophies.

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